Research & Development

The European ‘Water Framework Directive’ lays out guidelines to improve the quality & ecology of watercourses within the UK. Fish migration and installation of fish passes is now a key consideration of a Hydro Electric Installation.

Whirl Pool Turbine

Micro HEP Installations is developing with assistance from Nottingham & Durham Universities of a Whirl Pool Turbine for low head sites. With rated outputs of 6,12 &18kW, these simple, robust and durable systems are designed to allow all species of fish to migrate downstream.

Using proven turbine principles, the mechanical efficiency will allow a good return on investment, while safeguarding fish.

We are looking for a site to prove ‘fish friendliness’ and efficiency. Do you have a weir site with 1 to 1.5m head and a flow rate [Qmean] of 1 to 1.5 m³/s ?

The proposition could be commercially advantageous.

Filtering Screens

Micro HEP Installation have developed a novel, cost effective Filtering Screen, which will safeguard against all fish species, particularly juvenile Lamprey through their life cycle.

The first screen is now being installed under scrutiny by the Environment Agency and University academics.